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More Sourcing is a clothing sourcing agency based in Portugal, offering value-added services in garment development and production.

  • Portugal!

Location & Quality

Portugal has a tradition of quality textiles, it has remained price competitive, labor and overhead costs are not high, many raw materials are coming from nearby countries in Europe; this also helps reduce the carbon footprint, its right here at the doorstep.

Choosing partners with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), traceability, fair labor and human rights pratices is vital. You have to justifiably stand by your product and you can’t do this with technology, we are your eyes, ears and the boots on the ground for on-site visits.

  • The right size factory

Diversifying the supply chain

Using the right size factory for small or large runs with the right quality and quickest turnaround requires know-how that we are better equipped to handle. We have access to a bigger network of known factories, across a wide range of products –  be it casualwear, sportswear, wovens, outerwear or footwear.  

  • It’s not just a quote

Cost Control

To stay competitive we have to be out in the market, to provide Research/Development and assist in product development. This also brings in fresh perspectives and forces competition among chosen partners. Local knowledge is irreplaceable, we can bring assurance that someone else is looking out for your best interests.

It’s not just about quoting you a price. It’s about working with the factories and design teams to reverse-engineer products and offer suggestions. Sometimes a small tweak in design, a different fabric recommendation or sewing could significantly change a price.

  • On the right path with the lowest carbon impact


Using sustainable materials is a high priority, also reducing water consumption, plastic packaging, fabric waste. We want to keep the textile industry on the right path with the lowest carbon impact.

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