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Ensuring we know where things are up to at all times

An important step to the sampling and production process is establishing calendars to ensure we all have visibility of the leadtimes required for both sales and production. That all timelines are being considered, being it fabrics, samples, fittings, approval process, production leadtime and preshipment approval.

Purchase orders are received, the 2nd important part of our support begins:

Creating a production plan to meet agreed delivery dates with daily follow up with the manufacturer. This can be shared for full visibility of the progress of orders.

We review all bulk materials, trims, and clarify fit comments for pre-production samples.

Check planned timelines are being followed. This allows us to pick up any changes working as a team both ways to meet requirements.

Our daily experiences confirms the saying ‘make your presence felt’. Being your boots on the ground, chasing answers, reviewing samples and making decisions before sending samples proves beneficial to everyone, avoiding loss of time and money.

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